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TICEF 2022

The Technological Innovation Creative Entrepreneurial Festival is Nigeria’s most influential and high powered meeting arena for the Technology, Innovation, Creative and Entrepreneurial industry ; bringing together Thought-leaders, Policy makers, Corporates, Sector pioneers, Innovators, Creatives, Creators, Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Enterprises, Investors, Development Agencies, Civil Society and Academia to discuss, debate and collaborate on new challenges and opportunities, showcase new products and identify new economic development roadmap.

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    TICEF 2022

    The Seedbuilders TICEF with its THEME: THE ALIGNMENT AND COLLABORATION OF THE TECH, INNOVATION, CREATIVE AND ENTREPRENEURIAL INDUSTRY TO BOOST ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT is a one day program hosted by the Seedbuilders Innovation Hub that will bring together different stakeholders from the policy makers, development partners, tech-enabled business founders, entrepreneurs, investors, creatives, public sector professionals, private sector professionals, and civil society to discuss and share ideas on key topics that focus on building and leveraging resilient systems that can help scale business in the technology and entrepreneurial landscape.

    Seedbuilders is a proud member of the Afrilabs Network.
    Seedbuilders is a proud member of the Afrilabs Network.

    This program will help to forge strategic partnerships and boundless business opportunities between different industry players and stakeholders and also create an avenue to engage with government officials and agencies.It is an opportunity to shape the economic development and future of Nigeria to leverage on home grown solutions through thought provoking dialogues.

    It is a meeting place for the entire public and private ecosystem, It is an extraordinary opportunity to network, access a large pool of entrepreneurs, investors and stakeholders, expand reach, share knowledge, learn new solutions and receive business capacity building.

    TICEF will feature every major industry player in sectors such as
    Creative Economy
    Construction & Smart Cities
    Financial Services
    Telecom & Communications
    Green Economy & Climate
    Hospitality & Tourism
    Social Impact

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