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Career Accelerator Program

Are you interested in accelerating your career growth with guaranteed access to internship placement, organisation attachment or job opportunities?

Start: 9th July, 2024
Registration: Ongoing
Hybrid: Abuja
Duration: 5 months
Cost: 300,000
Alunmi: 200,000
In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, numerous talented individuals possessing the requisite knowledge often find themselves stranded in the challenging process of securing rewarding job opportunities. Additionally, many professionals, eager to accelerate their growth, often lack the necessary know-how to overcome the hurdles hindering their advancement. Recognizing these challenges, the Seedbuilders Career Accelerator program is strategically crafted to serve as a guiding beacon. Tailored to empower tech talents and professionals alike, our program aims to navigate them through the intricate job application landscape and equip them with the skills needed to stand out. The objective is clear – to position participants among the top 10 percent of talents in their respective areas of expertise, fostering accelerated career growth and unlocking new opportunities in the competitive digital world.
 Is this programme right for you?

Is this programme right for you?

This program is geared towards recent graduates of digital skills training or practising professionals in the tech space. It is designed to accelerate careers in tech and open doors to high-paying opportunities. Whether you're just starting or aiming to advance, this program empowers individuals for success in the dynamic world of technology.

Career Accelerator Program Components

Our experts would create a new and compelling CV for you to help you attract the interest of employers.
Get your Linkedin profile built and optimised to build a professional look, attract interviews and employers.
Forge meaningful connections with mentors and colleagues to secure valuable endorsements
  • Mentorship Matching
  • Connect with seasoned industry experts for personalised guidance tailored to your career goals.
  • Hands on Experience
  • Embark on real-world projects for 3 months
Immerse yourself in interactive workshops covering advanced skills and staying ahead of industry trends.
Delve into assigned tasks, track progress, and receive constructive feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Elevate your portfolio to attract employers and companies.
  • Finalise projects, document achievements, and craft a compelling portfolio showcasing your expertise.
  • Career Coaching & Interview Preparation and simulation.
  • Receive personalised coaching on setting up a product led business
Help participants to setup freelancing account on popular platforms to earn an income.
Access comprehensive study materials, attend targeted exam prep sessions, and practise for industry-recognized certifications.
  • Celebrate your achievements, connect with peers and industry professionals, and expand your professional network.
  • Attend Job Fair
  • Gain access to exclusive alumni community resources and receive ongoing support from mentors and program staff.

We've trained over 3000 students

Other Amazing Benefits for You

No prior knowledge of digital skills required
Willingness to learn
Physical or online engagement options
Engage from the comfort of your home or come to the physical hub
Network of employers and partners
Opportunity for an internship, organisation attachment and employment pool through physical/virtual job placements and job fairs after the program
Job openings
Get recent and available job openings in Nigeria and outside the country
Migration consultancy and guide
Learn, apply and migrate to countries where you can start a successful tech career and gain a very good salary and benefits
Learn from qualified and certified facilitators and experienced tech professionals. Gain access to peer networking, exclusive meetups, and boost your confidence by facilitating discussions.
Access to workstation Learning resources, Fast track templates, guide and softwares.
Get ahead of others with latest guide, fast track templates and softwares
Connect with industry experts
Mentorship with experts and industry experts

Invest in Your Future Today:

Seedbuilders Career Accelerator is priced at an affordable ₦160,000 Naira. Take the BOLD step towards an empowered future. Apply Now and accelerate your journey in Tech.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Course

Is the Seedbuilders Career Accelerator Program right for me?
The program is ideal for recent graduates of digital skills training and practising professionals in the tech space aiming to accelerate their careers and access high-paying opportunities.
What is the duration of the program?

The program spans for 5 months

What sets Seedbuilders Career Accelerator apart?
We provide a comprehensive approach to career development, including mentorship, real-world collaboration, and access to a thriving alumni community. The program is designed to position participants among the top 10 percent in their areas of expertise.
How much does the program cost?
Seedbuilders Career Accelerator is priced at an affordable ₦300,000 Naira.
Can I get access and When does the program start, and how do I apply?learn at my own pace?
The program commences on July 9th 2024. Limited spaces are available, so apply now to secure your spot and accelerate your journey in tech.
After paying for the program, you can get your refund within 7 days of your payment. There is a deduction of 10% administrative fee from the total cost.
Getting an organisation attachment, internship or job placements.
If you do not have an attendance and participation of 90% coupled with not having the right skills and prerequisite for a third party recruiting organisation you would not be entitled to get an opportunity.

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