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Certified Frontend Developer Professional

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Become a certified Software Developer and get job placements in 5 months guaranteed.

Start: 3rd Dec, 2022.
Registration is ongoing
Schedule: Weekends (Saturday)
Venue: No 4 Ajumobi Olorunoje street, off acme road, first gate b/stop Ikeja, 100211, Lagos state.

What you'll learn

Learn how to develop effective and captivating websites using the latest web development tools and practices. Gain experience developing with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and more.

Web Development Fundamentals
- Languages and Tools of Web Development
- How the Web Works
- Inspecting HTTP Requests and Responses
- HTML & CSS Basics
- Inspecting Pages Using DevTools & Start9- Validating Web Pages

HTML Fundamentals
- The Head Section
- Text
- Entities
- Hyperlinks
- Images, Videos, Audio
- Lists
- Tables
- Containers
- Semantic Elements
- Structuring a Web Page

CSS Fundamentals
- Providing CSS
- Normalizing CSS
- Selectors
- Inheritance
- Colors, Color Pickers, Gradients
- Borders
- Shadows

Advance HTML & CSS (Layout)
- The Box Model
- Sizing Elements
- Overflowing
- Measurement Units
- Positioning Elements

Advance HTML & CSS (Typography)
- Styling and Embedding Web Fonts
- Flash of Unstyled Text
- Font Services and System Font Stack
- Sizing Fonts

Advance HTML & CSS (Images)
- Image Types and Formats
- Content and Background Images
- CSS Sprites
- Data URLs, Clipping, and Filters
- Using Modern Image Formats
- Art Direction, Scalable Vector Graphics, Font Icons

Advance HTML & CSS (Forms)
- Form Basic
- Form Styling
- CSS Frameworks
- Text Fields
- Data Lists
- Dropdown Lists
- Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, Sliders, File Inputs
- Grouping Related Fields
- Hidden Fields
- Data Validation
- Submitting the Form

HTML & CSS Project

- Introduction to Javascript
- JavaScript in Browsers
- JavaScript in Node
- Variables and Constants
- Primitive and Dynamic Types
- Introduction to Objects, Arrays, Functions and Function Types
- Operators

JavaScript Objects
- Object Basics
- Factory Functions
- Constructor Functions
- Dynamic Nature of Objects
- Constructor Property
- Functions are Objects
- Value vs Reference Types
- Enumerating Properties of an Object

JavaScript Arrays
- Array Basics
- Adding Elements
- Finding Elements (Primitives and Reference Types)

JavaScript Functions
- Function Declarations vs Expressions
- Hoisting
- Arguments
- The Rest Operator
- Default Parameters
- Getters and Setters
- Try and Catch
- Local vs Global Scope
- Let vs Var
- The this Keyword

JavaScript Dom
- Introduction to DOM
- Methods
- Document
- Elements
- Forms
- Animations
- Events and Event Listeners
- Navigation
- Nodes, Collections, and Node List

- Introduction to jQuery
- Selectors
- Events
- Hide/Show
- Fade
- Slide
- Animate
- Stop
- Callback
- Chaining
- Set, Get, Add, and Remove
- Css classes
- Css and Dimensions

Advance JavaScript
- Object Literals
- Factories
- Constructors
- Constructor Property
- Functions are Objects
- Value vs Reference Types
- Adding or Removing Properties
- Enumerating Properties
- Abstraction
- Private Properties and Methods
- Getters and Setters
- Inheritance
- Prototypes and Prototypical Inheritance
- Multilevel Inheritance
- Property Descriptors
- Constructor Prototypes
- Prototype vs Instance Members
- Iterating Instance and Prototype Members

- Introduction to React
- Components
- Class vs Fonction Component
- Understanding State
- Lifecycle Methods
- Component hierarchy
- Sharing Data between Components
- Props
- Props vs State
- Parent vs Child Components
- Rendering Lists
- Conditional Rendering
- Forms
- Tables
- Using External Packages
- React Hooks
- Calling Backend Services
- Routing
- Authentication and Authorization
- Debugging React Apps

- Introduction to Node Js
- Global Object
- Modules
- Creating a Module
- Loading a Module
- Module Wrapper Function
- Path Module
- OS Module
- File System Module
- Events Module
- Event Arguments
- Extending EventEmitter
- HTTP Module
- Working with NPM

 Is this programme right for you?

Is this programme right for you?

This programme is designed for anyone with an analytic mindset who seeks professional development, a new career, a high income skill or digital skill empowerment.

We've trained over 200 students this year

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Requirements & Benefits

No prior background in computer science is required to start this course. However, basic computer literacy is required.
Commitment to undertake a technology course is also vital.

Experience eighteen practical modules steering you through each stage of your innovation journey. These modules also equip you with the necessary tools to think critically and create innovative solutions.

Physical and online training options
Flexible mode of payment. Learn at your pace. Learn from the comfort of your home. Mobile friendly.
Laptops and Desktops computers available for training
No need to invest in buying a new compatible computer.
High grade certified and experienced facilitators
Learn from qualified and certified facilitators
Network of employers and partners locally and internationally
Secure at least an internship in companies locally and internationally, virtual job placements, job fair.
No prior Digital Skill knowledge required.
You don’t need prior Computer or Digital knowledge to become a Digital professional
Join a network of other Digital enthusiasts who will share ideas, knowledge and opportunities with you.
Marketplace, Platform and Freelance opportunity
Showcase your work and become a freelancer.
Employability Training
Get that job opening with adequate employability
Business Training
Build a business or agency and become a global figure
Access to workstation Learning resources, Fast track templates, guide and softwares.
Get ahead of others with latest guide, fast track templates and softwares
Connect with industry experts
Mentorship with experts

Become a Certified Software Developer

and get job placements in 3 months guaranteed.
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What you’ll get

3 Months Software Development Training


Get ahead with learning resources, fast track templates, guides and softwares


Employability or Business training


Setting up of portfolios on Online talent marketplace such as Upwork and Hireforprojects and assist with unpaid and paid placement such as Internships.


Exclusive Software Development community to share ideas, knowledge and opportunities


Showcase on marketplace platform or get freelance opportunity




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Fill the form for the Offer of ₦93,750 now

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Enjoy Seedbuilders Absolutely NO RISK to you!

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PS. Become a certified frontend developer and get job placements in 3 months guaranteed.
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