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Increase your brand awareness by using social media


At Seedbuilders we start our social media management process with research. This is done to understand your business and its industry. Through this, we begin the conceptualization process, using only ideas relevant to your business.

The most profitable businesses have one thing in common:

They have a social media strategy

How does having social media affect your Sales and Business?

Social media posts provide an opportunity for the public to find your new web content and click through your site.

Why does your business need social media?

targeted traffic

Awareness & Recognition

Community engagement

Our solutions & strategy
Step 1

Digital Audit : We execute a digital audit where we review the current processes of your brand and understand what level your brand is at as relates to embracing digitization and digitalization.

Step 2

Solution(s) Proffering : After a successful digital audit and scoring, we proffer digital solution(s) best fit for your brand in correspondence to your business goals and objectives.

Step 3

Implementation : At this stage, we implement the digital solutions proffered in step 2 as approved by you.

Our Packages

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)


Google My Business, Blogging, and Content marketing

Appear on the first page of search engines
Create and share interactive real articles daily on the website and create copy for all social media platforms.
Increase in page visits by 29% from the inception of a project.
Improve inquiry calls by 15%
All Social Media Management


Handling all social media strategy formulation and implementation, content development, and graphics design.
Dominate your social media reach to potential buyers via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin which converts to actual buyers.
Email Marketing


Nurture leads through automated email series upon signing up from the website to the point of sales.
Increase in sales in 6 months through automated email marketing that leads to sales calls.
Pay-per-click advertising


Host high converting advert placements on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin to put your brand in the faces of every Internet user
Increase digital search by 11% via Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Linkedin B2B Marketing


Total packages