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Product Management Course In Abuja

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Start: February 29th, 2024
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The world is undergoing an accelerated digital transformation, which is rapidly reshaping all industries and sectors.
According to the World Economic Forum, over 83 million jobs are going to be lost due to technology and artificial intelligence in 2027. If you do not want to be left behind, there’s no other time to learn a tech skill than right now. Product Management is one of the major lucrative tech skill you can learn today that would help you stay relevant in this evolving digital world.

Jumpstart Your Career As A Product Manager

Technology companies desperately need product managers to create products that meet the desires of customers by integrating design, functionality, and solutions together. It is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative jobs available today.A Product manager oversees the development lifecycles of a company’s products. A product manager will identify customer needs, couple the customer’s needs with business goals, present a solution that fits both consumer and business needs, then will oversee the entire development lifecycle of the product

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Your Earning Potential as a Product Manager

Looking to become a Product manager and earn a competitive salary? Look no further than our product management course! Upon completion of our course, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to land a job as a Product manager, with a competitive yearly salary that can range from 15,000,000 Naira in Nigeria to 80,000 USD in the US and 85,000 Pounds in the UK, according to industry standards.

Roles You Can
Get When You
Learn Product Management

There are several lucrative roles you can get when you have Product Management skills. Here are some of them.

What you'll learn

This program is for professionals with good technical or business backgrounds who want to transition into product management roles at software and technology companies.It requires no coding, which is rare among tech jobs.

● Product Management 101
● What Product Management really is
● Differences between Product Management and Project Management
● The roles & responsibilities of a product manager
● Hard skills vs Soft skills of product managers
● How to work effectively with your product team

● Understanding where ideas come from and how to manage them
● How to understand your users in detail
● Knowing your target market, target customers and users
● User persona and how they are effective as product managers

● The stages of the product lifecycle and how they fit into your role
● Product development process
● Evolving your craft as a product manager

● Lean Product Development Agile approach to Product Development
● Principles in the Agile Manifesto, Agile Framework
● Scrum tools and techniques
● How to make significant contributions as a Scrum team

● Planning a valuable experiment
● Steps to running effective MVP
● Identifying customer problems
● Crafting influential assumptions and hypothesis
● User stories writing
● Different prioritisation methods and frameworks

● Qualitative and Quantitative data
● Conducting user interviews
● Creating user interview scripts
● Different types of interview
● Components of a user interview and when to use them
● Conducting user interviews and avoiding bias

● The different types of metrics and when to use them
● OKRs vs. KPIs vs. Metrics
● Using HEART Metrics
● AARRR (Pirate) Metrics

● Understand the purpose of a roadmap
● Crafting a compelling Product Vision
● Product strategy development
● Facilitate a collaborative roadmap creation and update process

● Product Launch
● Create your pre-launch strategies
● Go-to-market plan
● Maximising social media for Launch
● Product release notes and when to use them

● How to build valuable relationships that benefit your product
● Build an effective communication strategy
● Crafting a successful workshop/collaboration session
● How to lead without authority

● Get your next PM job
● Portfolio competition
● CV/Cover letter feedback
● Linkedin strategies to position yourself

 Is this programme right for you?

Is this programme right for you?

This programme is designed for anyone with no prior knowledge of skills required and willing to learn.

We've trained over 3000 students

Requirements & Benefits

No prior knowledge of digital skills required
Willingness to learn

Experience six practical modules steering you through each stage of your innovation journey. These modules also equip you with the necessary tools to think critically and create innovative solutions.

Physical and online training options
Flexible mode of payment. Learn at your pace. Learn from the comfort of your home. Mobile friendly.
Laptops and Desktops computers available for training
No need to invest in buying a new compatible computer.
High grade certified and experienced facilitators
Learn from qualified and certified facilitators
Central location in Wuse 2, Abuja
Save cost in commuting as it is located in the city centre, Wuse 2
No prior Digital Skill knowledge required.
You don’t need prior Computer or Digital knowledge to become a Digital professional
Join a network of other Digital enthusiasts who will share ideas, knowledge and opportunities with you.
Access to workstation Learning resources, Fast track templates, guide and softwares.
Get ahead of others with latest guide, fast track templates and softwares

Become a Certified Product Manager

and get access to job opportunities in 2 months guaranteed.
Pay now and get a FREE Powerbank or N3,000 Airtime on any network of your choice.

Pricing For Students Corp members Freelancers Students Everyone

Other benefits

2 Months Product Management training


Get ahead with learning resources, fast track templates, guides and softwares


Employability or Business training


Setting up of portfolios on Online talent marketplace such as Upwork and Hireforprojects and assist with unpaid and paid placement such as Internships. (T&C's apply)


Free laptop or desktop usage (Abuja only)


Access to Job Opportunities


Exclusive Product Management community to share ideas, knowledge and opportunities


Showcase on marketplace platform or get freelance opportunity




Other benefits


12 weeks



Get ahead with learning resources, fast track templates, guides and softwares


Exclusive Product Management community to share ideas, knowledge and opportunities




Are you worried about not being able to pay at once? Pay N60,000 in 3 monthly instalments.

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Frequently Asked Questions About This Course

What is product management?

Product management is the process of planning, developing, and managing a product or service throughout its lifecycle. Product managers are responsible for defining the product strategy, conducting market research, identifying user needs, developing and launching the product, and monitoring its performance.

Who is a product management course for?

Our product management course is suitable for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in product management or wants to learn more about the field. It’s also suitable for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn how to develop and launch new products.

What are the prerequisites for a product management course?

Our course is beginners-friendly, so there is no prerequisite for this course.

What kind of assignments and assessments are included in a product management course?

Assignments and assessments for  our product management course only include quizzes, case studies, product development projects, and peer reviews. These assignments and assessments are designed to help you apply the concepts you’ve learned in the course and get feedback on your performance.

Where does the course take place?

Our physical classes are in Abuja and Lagos. We are located at 6a Embu street off Aminu Kano crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja, and at 44, Ogunlana Drive, Surulere, Lagos , Lagos. 


Can I join the program remotely?

Yes, we have options for instructor-led virtual learning and typical virtual learning.

What kind of career opportunities are available in product management?

Product management is a growing field, and there are many career opportunities available in a wide range of industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, and consumer goods. Some common job titles in product management include product manager, product owner, and product marketing manager.

How long will it take to start making money as a product manager?
  1. Becoming good at Product Manager requires a great deal of practice, attention to detail, while there is no timeline for how good it takes to become really good in Product Management.  During the course of this training we will help you build your portfolio to be strong and be able to stand out in the job market 


This program is designed for anyone with no prior knowledge of the skills required and willing to learn. Watch a testimonial from Seedbuilders digital training alumni

Take a look at the success stories from Seedbuilders' Digital Training Professional Alumni.

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Enjoy Seedbuilders Absolutely NO RISK to you!

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