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Become a Certiified DevOps Engineer

Become a certified DevOps engineer and get job placements in 3 months guaranteed.

Start: 10th May, 2022.
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About this course & what you’ll learn

Increasing demand for advanced technologies to run business operations smoothly is the main factor expected for the growth of the global DevOps market.

Introduction of DevOps Benefits of DevOps environment Overview of DevOps tools

Version Control Git introduction and installation Commands in Git Remote Repository

Branching and merging in Git Merge Conflicts  Stashing, Rebasing, Reverting and Resetting  Git Workflows  Maven Architecture Introduction to Continuous Integration  Introduction to Jenkins

Jenkins Architecture  Plugin Management in Jenkins  Jenkins Security Management  Jenkins Master-slave architecture  Jenkins Delivery Pipeline  Jenkins Declarative pipeline

 Introduction to Configuration Management  Infrastructure as Code and Ansible   Ansible Architecture and Modules  AD-HOC Commands   Ansible Playbooks and Roles

Containerization  Docker and Docker Architecture  Container Lifecycle  Docker CLI Port Binding  Detached and Foreground Mode  Dockerfile and Dockerfile Instructions  Docker Registry  Container Storage  Docker Compose and Docker Swarm

Introduction to Container Orchestration and Kubernetes Core Concepts  Understanding Pods  ReplicaSet and Replication Controller Deployments and DaemonSets  Rolling Updates and Rollbacks  Scaling Application Services  Persistent Storage in Kubernetes  Primitives for PersistentVolumeClaims  Headless Services  StatefulSets and Helm Charts

Prometheus and Grafana Introduction and setup Monitoring  Dashboard Visualization using Grafana 

Introduction to Terraform on AWS Terraform vs Ansible  Terraform Architecture and Configuration  Terraform Common Commands and resources Terraform state and project

Introduction to Selenium  Selenium – Webdriver  Creating Test Cases in Selenium WebDriver (Waits)  What and why X-Path  Handling different controls on Webpage  Framework in Selenium  Selenium Integration with Jenkins  Implementation of Selenium 

Introduction to Nagios  Continuous Monitoring  Installing Nagios  Nagios Plugins(NRPE) and Objects  Nagios Commands and Notification

Introduction to Cloud Computing  Importance of DevOps on Cloud?  Introduction to AWS  Various AWS services  DevOps using AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS)  AWS Global Infrastructure  AWS: IAM and components Managing users with IAM  Amazon Machine Image (AMI)  Security Groups in AWS  Virtualization Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)  Networking components associated with EC2  Instance Store

 Is this programme right for you?

Is this programme right for you?

This programme is for professionals with good programming skills such as Java, NodeJS, Python, and .NET. Also, familiarity with databases, Web servers and Operating systems. Basic understanding of linux/unix systems conecpts and administration

Requirements & Benefits

No prior knowledge of digital skills required
Willingness to learn

This program is for professionals with good programming skills such as Java, NodeJS, Python, and .NET.

Physical and online training options
Flexible mode of payment. Learn at your pace. Learn from the comfort of your home. Mobile friendly.
Laptops and Desktops computers available for training
No need to invest in buying a new compatible computer.
High grade certified and experienced facilitators
Learn from qualified and certified facilitators
Central location in Abuja, Lagos and Nasarawa
Save cost, centers located in a city near you
Network of employers and partners locally and internationally
Secure at least an internship in companies locally and internationally, virtual job placements, job fair.
No prior Digital Skill knowledge required.
You don’t need prior Computer or Digital knowledge to become a Digital professional
Join a network of other Digital enthusiasts who will share ideas, knowledge and opportunities with you.
Marketplace, Platform and Freelance opportunity
Showcase your work and become a freelancer.
Employability Training
Get that job opening with adequate employability
Business Training
Build a business or agency and become a global figure
Access to workstation Learning resources, Fast track templates, guide and softwares.
Get ahead of others with latest guide, fast track templates and softwares
Connect with industry experts
Mentorship with experts
Other benefits

5 Months DevOps training


Get ahead with learning resources, fast track templates, guides and softwares


Employability or Business training


Internship, locally and internationally, virtual job placements, Job fair


Internship, locally and internationally, virtual job placements, Job fair


Free laptop or Desktop usage


Exclusive Cyber security community to share ideas, knowledge and opportunities


Showcase on marketplace platform or get freelance opportunity

₦500,000. Pay ₦450,000

Pricing For Students Corp members Freelancers Students Everyone

Limited discounted offer:


Instead of N500,000. Normal Cyber Security training ranges from N500,000-N700,000

Access and Internship by industry experts
Free 4 months access to workstation
Employability or Business training
Free internet access
 Apply for a flexible payment plan and Pay
Apply for a flexible payment plan and Pay

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This programme is designed for anyone with no prior knowledge of skills required and willing to learn. Watch a testimonial from seedBuilders training Alumni.


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Sponsored by Seedbuilders Foundation to promote inclusion for young girls and women in the digital space and economy. Also, to tackle the issue of unemployment and unemployability by creating job opportunities and preparing the Nigerian youth on getting the right employment.
  Get a free set of wireless headphones, power bank or internet subscription voucher if you register right now!
Get a free set of wireless headphones, power bank or internet subscription voucher if you register right now!

If at any time you are not completely satisfied with performance promised we will give you 100% on the spot full refund.